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AAA Pest Control just left our home in Mission, Tx. The technician was VERY professional and polite. He took the time to hear out our concerns and answered all of our questions. It's been only 45 minutes and already over a dozen tree roaches all over the patio and more drunk all over the yard. Thanks AAA!

- Daniel Venegas, Mission, TX

I moved to South Texas 2 years ago and boy were the bugs different down here!! My first week here I immediately started searching for a pest control company. AAA Pest Control really had me sold with their 90 day warranty. Damien came out and was extremely friendly and helpful. He walked around the house with us and showed us all the areas he was going to treat and even gave us a list of the chemicals he was going to use. Haven't had a single problem in 2 years and in over 6 treatments have never had to use the warranty spraying.

- Richard G., San Juan, TX

Tech was on time and very professional. Killed all roaches and spiders inside home. Love no contracts and very courteous office staff!

- Victoria Guzman, McAllen, TX

I moved into the worst apartment I've ever seen! Each cabinet had dozens of the baby roaches all over the place, and every company I called wanted to set me up with a minimum 1 year contract until I found triple A on Facebook. Came out in the morning and by the time I came home from work my kitchen looked like a battlefield. Idk what they did but they earned themselves a lifetime customer!!! Thank you so much triple A!

- Melissa Jimenez, Edinburg, TX

I've been with AAA for 18 years now. They have a spare key to my home and know the technicians very well. I completely trust them and AAA and highly recommend them.

- Agripina Vasquez, McAllen, TX

Made a phone call after 3pm for a quote and before 4pm and inspector was at my house. The very next day day trenches were dug and holes were drilled. Problem fixed. Thanks for the quick response and great service.

- Gilbert Felix Acevedo, Mission, TX

AAA Pest Control has been servicing us since 1987. They started treating mounting ants, termites and fumigating indoors. I highly recommend them for the excellent work. They'll do anything to make sure we're satisfied.

- Amanda Tovar, McAllen, TX

I won a free package from AAA pest control and a gentelmen came by my house to take care of the job. Very polite and answered all my questions. Very happy with the services. Will defenetly recommend to my friends and family.

- Elias Macias Jr., San Juan, TX

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Roaches, Spiders & Silverfish.
Assesment & Treatment of: Baseboards, cabinets, outdoor perimeter, entries and windows.
Roaches, Spiders, Silverfish & Sugar Ants. Assesment and Treatment of: Baseboards, cabinets, entries & exits, windows, 5ft board around structure.
Roaches, Spiders, Silverfish, Sugar Ants, Earwigs & Scorpions. Assesment & Treatment of: Baseboards, cabinets, entries & exits, windows, 35ft band around structure.

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